Thursday, October 21, 2010

Autumn Workshop - This Sunday

Il y a toujours des places disponibles pour l'atelier d'automne "Exploring the Mysteries of the Core" ce dimanche 24 octobre de 13h - 16h chez YogaHum à Montmartre.

Ce sera l'antidote parfait à la lenteur et à la maladie saisonnières. Apprenez comment extraire la force, la confiance, la vitalité, et la grace pendant ces mois plus sombres et froids.

There are still spots left for the "Exploring the Mysteries of the Core" autumn workshop this Sunday, 24 October from 13h - 16h at YogaHum in Montmartre.

It will be the perfect antidote to seasonal sluggishness and illness. Learn how to draw out strength, confidence, vitality, and grace in the darker, colder months.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

DogaYoga Autumn iTunes Playlist

Ask and you shall receive! Voila, an Autumn playlist as crisp as the air and the apples. This is my favorite time of year; change, purification, and fortification for winter.

Twists, core, and hips on the mat. Soups, tea, and scarves off the mat.

Go calm, steady, and strong (and break into goofy dance as often as possible).