Wednesday, June 26, 2013

The Glorification of BUSY

(en francais ci-dessous)
I am too busy doing, being, sharing, collaborating, planning, partnering, teaching, practicing, and living to keep up with this blog thing. This year has been tremendously abundant and I've had nary a moment to keep track by way of blogging. Eventually (really, I mean it this time) all of the events and images of 2013, plus the big happenings in 2014 and beyond will finally be here ~
(new name, new logo, new design, same old me).

In the meantime, to stay in touch about summer and rentree classes and workshops in Paris, the Going Back to the Source: Yoga & Terroir™ tour schedule, all the fermette news that's fit to document, and visiting teachers I'm hosting, find me on: Facebook, Twitter (@Amanda Dates ~ occasionally), Instagram (yogaterroirfr ~ more than sporadically), or sign up for my good, old fashioned email list ~

2013 has been a year of manifesting lots of good things into the here and now.
Beyond grateful for this life!

Je suis trop occupé à faire, à être, à partager, à collaborer , à planifier, à construire des partenariats, à enseigner, à pratiquer et à vivre pour continuer à animer ce blog. Cette année a été extrêmement abondante et je n'ai pas eu de temps à suivre tout cela par le biais de mon blog. Bientôt, tous les événements et les images de 2013, ainsi que les grands événements en 2014 et au-delà seront ici ~ (nouveau nom, nouveau logo, nouveau dessin, toujours moi).

2013 a été une année pour manifester beaucoup de bonnes choses dans l'actuel.

Je suis au-dela de reconnaissante pour cette vie !

En parallèle, pour rester en contact à propos des cours et ateliers à Paris, les retraites Retour à la Source : Yoga & Terroir ™, toutes les nouvelles de la fermette, vous pouvez me retrouver sur : Facebook, Twitter (@AmandaDates ~ occasionnellement), Instagram (yogaterroirfr ~ assez sporadique), ou envoyez-moi un mail pour être abonné à ma liste de courriel  ~ amanda (at)

Monday, January 28, 2013

2013 Mantra

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Refinement through simplicity.

My teaching theme for the year.
My practice theme for the year.
My raison d'etre for the year.

"Our life is frittered away by detail. Simplify,  simplify,  simplify! I say, let your affairs be as two or three,  and not a hundred or a thousand; instead of a million count half a dozen,  and keep your accounts on your thumb-nail."
Henry David Thoreau

Monday, January 7, 2013

Nouvel An Rentree

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(la traduction en français à suivre)

I hope you all had a little quiet time to celebrate, reflect, and hibernate over the holiday season.

2012 was a year of extremes; highs and lows in so many forms. For me it was a year of karmic cleansing, sands shifting, and illusions burning. 2013, by all astrological and Vedic reports, is supposed to be a year of calmer waters; less movement under the feet and more ability to feel grounded, stable, and strong.

A year for taking root.
A year for diving deep.
A year on which to build and grow and explore.
A year conducive for healing, forgiveness, and peace.

S'enraciner et atteindre le ciel.

Sounds good to me. On y va, we start now...


New Class ~

We have received lots of requests to add another evening class at Paris Yoga.
So, beginning this week at 19h and every Thursday evening, I will be teaching a Hatha Flow level I/II class (very similar to Wednesday 12h30) at Paris Yoga. (This class will not be appropriate for complete beginners.) I'm delighted to offer this as it will complement the Tuesday 19h30 class nicely. Tuesday class will continue to be a more mellow Hatha Flow, perfect for people newer to yoga and those of you more experienced yogis who want to BALANCE your week with both a mellow and dynamic class. Consider that in a slower class you can pay close attention and refine your practice by correcting poor habits that are forming (happens to the best of us). A balanced practice is the most effective practice.

Pre-Natal Yoga Announcement ~

After several wonderful years of teaching pre-natal yoga, I am taking at least a one-year break from both group classes and private sessions. I'll miss the radiant mamas and their brilliant energy, but have chosen to hone my 2013 focus almost entirely on my seasonal Vinyasa Flow method through public classes, workshops, retreats, and intermediate immersions/trainings.
Sharon Bales, certified pre-natal yoga instructor and founder of Yoga for Fertility/Yoga for Life and Whole Woman Workshops, has agreed to take over the pre-natal program at Paris Yoga. You'll be in good hands. If you or any of your newly pregnant friends are looking for weekly pre-natal classes, the program begins 15 Jan and is a 12-week session.
Pre-registration is required. Contact Joelle at

IMPORTANT ! Brief Absence 13 Jan - 21 Jan ~

As most of you know, my dear Mom passed on this summer after a brief bout with cancer. I need to return to New York 13 Jan - 21 Jan to lend a hand as my family continues to help my Dad move into the next phase of his life. During this time, I will have replacements for ALL of my classes at Paris Yoga, YogaYoga Paris, Centre de Yoga du Marais, and Big Apple Yoga. Private sessions are cancelled. Merci beaucoup for your understanding and patience.

Public Class Schedule ~

Tuesday, 19h30 - Hatha Flow All Levels - Paris Yoga
Wednesday, 12h30 - Hatha Flow Level I/II - Paris Yoga *
Wednesday, 19h - Vinyasa Flow Level I/II - YogaYoga Paris * (reservations recommended)
Thursday, 19h - Hatha Flow Level I/II - Paris Yoga *
Friday, 12h30 - Bhakti Flow All Levels - Big Apple Yoga France
Friday, 18h30 - Slow Flow All Levels - Centre de Yoga du Marais
Saturday, 12h - Bhakti Flow Levels I/II - Centre de Yoga du Marais * (reservations recommended)

*not appropriate for complete beginners

Workshop Schedule ~

Seasonal workshops will continue to be offered at Paris Yoga and YogaYoga Paris:

A New Perspective for a New Year - Sunday, 27 Jan, 10h30 - 12h30, Paris Yoga *
Winter Restorative - Wednesday, 6 Feb, 19h - 21h, YogaYoga Paris
Bowing Forward, Honoring Self - Sunday, 17 Feb, 10h30 - 12h30, Paris Yoga
Vernal Equinox Flow - Wednesday, 27 Mar, 19h - 21h, YogaYoga Paris *
Spring Wings - Sunday, 31 Mar, 10h30 - 12h30, Paris Yoga

*not appropriate for complete beginners

Either contact me or the studios directly.

Retreats ~

Going Back to the Source: Yoga/SCUBA & Terroir Zanzibar!
I will be on retreat in Zanzibar from 2 Mar - 16 Mar.
We are taking yogis, ocean lovers, and adventure seekers to one of the most beautiful islands on earth for a complete yoga, terroir, and PADI certification experience.
All public classes will have amazing replacements during that time and private sessions will be cancelled.

Going Back to the Source: Yoga & Terroir at Les Pres d'Eugenie!
31 May - 2 June, 2013
I am delighted to have been asked to partner with Compagnie des Spas to offer my Going Back to the Source: Yoga & Terroir retreat experience at one of their most elegant locations in the southwest of France ~ Les Pres d'Eugenie. This extraordinary venue is run by Michel Guerard, 3 star Michelin chef committed to a cuisine d'un terroir authentique! Our first retreat weekend at Les Pres d'Eugenie will be a the end of May. The press conference to announce the Compagnie des Spas bien-etre partnerships was 13 Dec at the Hotel Royal Monceau and will be featured in publications in February and March. Formal invitations and more details to follow. We can take 10 lucky yogis, so if this sounds deliciously tempting to you, let me know and I'll make sure you're on the invitation list!

*Class Cards ~

2013 class cards for classes at Centre de Yoga du Marais will be available for purchase this Friday, 5 Jan and Saturday, 6 Jan. Class card options for the first trimester of 2013:

- 6-class card valid for 6 weeks after purchase = €102
- Full trimester class card valid until 6 April (28 classes) = €364
- Drop-in Class = €20 (Drop-in class is €15 for full-time students and the unemployed)

If you are a regular student at Centre de Yoga du Marais and have a class card with me, you can bring a guest and their first class is gratuit!

*(Remember class cards purchased directly from me are only valid at Centre de Yoga du Marais. All of my classes at other studios are handled through the individual studios' payment system.)

Enfin, I just want to offer a heartfelt thank you for your commitment to your practice and your presence in my life. I feel extremely grateful to be on this joy-filled, bumpy, scary, and hilarious yoga/life journey with you.

Let's offer up our intentions together for a year of forgiveness, health, clarity, tolerance, stability, growth, contentment, and peace. Way beyond the physical pose ~ past the struggle and the fear, past the ego and judgement ~ lies a place. This is a quiet, spacious, clear space called Atma. As our Atma begins to shine bright, we radiate onto others, making our personal lives, communities, and the world better places to be.

Here's to cultivating the truest meaning of yoga in 2013!

Saturday, December 8, 2012

Pre-Holiday Hibernation Atelier

Hibernation (Color)
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Over-committed? Frazzled? Short-fused? Chronically tired?

Then come hibernate for two hours...

Pre-Holiday Atelier w/Amanda
Sunday 9 December, 10h30 - 12h30
Paris Yoga, 9 rue Magellan
Metro ~ George V

The end of the year can be a source of great fun coupled with anxiety and exhaustion.
End-of-year deadlines, over-consumption, over-spending, family obligations, colder weather, and travel challenges can lead to stress and illness. This workshop will focus on those (semi-restorative/mega-yin) poses and breathing techniques that can keep the nervous system regulated (keep your cool), boost the immune system (stay healthy), and encourage us to make sustainable choices in the flurry of this busy time (consume less, enjoy more).

Reservations required. Contact Joelle for registration ~ contact(at)
Atelier avec Amanda
Ressourcez vous avant les fêtes
Dimanche 4 décembre 2011 10h30 à 12h30
40 €
Cet atelier vous prépare pour la période de fin d'année qui peut-être à la fois joyeuse et remplie de stress. L'atelier sera focalisé sur les postures et les respirations qui équilibrent le système nerveux, vitalisent le système immunitaire et nous aident à faire des bons choix. Accessible à tous niveaux, à part grands débutants. Venir avec l'estomac léger et apporter une bouteille d'eau.

Monday, November 26, 2012

New Class at Big Apple!

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Anyone who knows me knows I love: yoga (life fully dedicated), teaching yoga (reminding students of their inherent awesomeness), apples (precisely those from upstate NY and Normandy), autumn (my very favorite season), Paris (the beautiful seductress), New York City (& hate, but mostly love, especially in autumn), and ambitious, (com)passionate people living their dharma (pour example ~ Janelle Watters Oliel).

That's why when the gleeful, enthusiastic, (oh my goodness, you like her immediately) Janelle asked me earlier this autumn to join her in her dream of bringing a little taste of NYC spirit to Paris in the form of a beautiful brick and mortar lieu s'appelle BIG APPLE YOGA, how could I refuse?

When your initial lunch meeting consists of words and proclamations/exclamations like: "non-dogmatic", "inclusive", "yoga for all", "classes for cancer survivors", and "oh my god, you went to NYU too?", you know you're in the right place.

My inaugural Big Apple Yoga class is this Friday, 30 November, at 12h30 - 13h45. It will be Bhakti Flow, level I/II. So treat yourself to a long lunch break every Friday and feel revitalized for the entire weekend!

Oh, and this week there will be chocolate (I love that too, but not as much as apples).

Big Apple Yoga
20 rue Dussoubs
Metro(s) - Etienne Marcel and Reaumur Sebastopol

Deep Core Atelier - mercredi!

Apple Core
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The "Core". Yoga teachers toss that word around all the time, but what does it mean, where is it, and how does it work? And, how does having a weak core translate into a sloppy yoga practice and injuries on and off the mat? (Hint: It has so very little to do with having 6-pack abs.)

This Wednesday at 19h - 21h at YogaYoga Paris, we will learn how to access the innate intelligence that lies in the mysterious core in order to stay strong, balanced, and healthy during the colder, darker months. Fortify from the inside out so that your postures have more integrity, your transitions are smooth, and your winter is a whole lot more tolerable!

This workshop is not for complete beginners. Bring water and a sense of humor!

YogaYoga Paris
6 passage de la Vierge (off of rue Cler)
Metro - Ecole Militaire
Reservations required -

Friday, November 16, 2012

Free the Hips - dimanche!

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Reminding everyone of the cold weather version of the Free-the-Hips workshop this Sunday, 18 November at Paris Yoga, 10h30 - 12h30.

Oh, there will be asana and pranayama and sweat and a big collective sigh of relief.

To prepare, I highly recommend laughing wholly and heartily until tears stream down your face and your knees get weak, at least twice in the next few days. There is no better relief for the too-serious uptightedness that happens to all of us this time of year (which inevitably collects in the hips), than a little comedy relief.

I, for one, laughed myself silly this morning and my pigeon pose has never felt better. Oh, and I'm a lot nicer too.

If you need a head-start, give this a read...The Haters Guide to the Williams-Sonoma Catalog. For the French who don't know what a "Williams-Sonoma" is, that's okay. You'll get it.
(Not for the faint-hearted or overly sensitive ;-)

A dimanche!
Paris Yoga
9 rue Magellan
Metro - George V
reservations suggested -