Monday, January 24, 2011

Winter Hibernation Workshop - 6 February

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I will be offering the next quarterly, seasonal workshop "Winter Restoration and Renewal" on Sunday 6 February from 14h - 16h30h at YogaHum.

In the winter, our practice shifts to reflect the need to rest more, do less, and sustain the immune system. Unless you have rested in the winter, you will not be at full capacity to leap into spring. Restorative yoga is a deeply calming practice in which you are held in poses for a long while, by props, to reduce the amount of physical energy exerted. You are given permission to do nothing but breathe and let your body and mind surrender into complete stillness.

I will bring my brand new Tibetan singing bowls to deepen the experience. And, there will be post-savasana tea and chocolate!

Think of it as two+ hours of urban hibernation ;-)

Cost: €40
(If you have an unlimited class card with me, the workshop is only €20.)

Location: YogaHum, 36 rue des Saules, Metro - Lamark Caulaincourt
Contact: amanda(at)

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

New Class. Sweet Studio.

Montmartre - Paris
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We may be experiencing a freakish warm snap here in Paris, but we all know it won't last much longer. Winter is here to stay for a few more months. What better way to keep your body and spirit intact than to add another yoga class to your weekly routine?

I'll be teaching a weekly all levels Hatha Vinyasa Flow class at YogaHum in Montmartre, beginning tomorrow night, Wednesday, 19 Jan, 18h - 19h30.

If you've never been to YogaHum ("The little yoga centre on the Hill"), it's worth a visit. This new studio is located underneath one of the romantic Montmartre staircases. From soup to nuts, the owner of the studio, Mohammed Ismail, did all the renovation himself to create this warm, clean, inviting sanctuary. The second you step in, you can feel the love and hard work invested. There is nothing showy or generic about the place. Its soulful character fits right into this quirky, fun neighborhood. Props are provided, including mats. Class cards are welcome.


36 rue des Saules
Metro - Lamarck Caulaincourt (line 12)

Exit the metro and immediately turn right (on Rue Lamarck), go down the first lot of stairs and the centre is on your right.

Metro - Marcadet Poissonniers (line 4)

Leaving the metro take the first right off boulevard Barbes on to Rue Marcadet. Follow the street until you meet Rue Des Saules and take a left. YogaHum is situated at number 36.

See you there!

Monday, January 17, 2011

Merci, Rev. King

“Whatever affects one directly, affects all indirectly. I can never be what I ought to be until you are what you ought to be. This is the interrelated structure of reality.”

Never before have we needed to be reminded of the great Rev. Martin Luther King Jr's teachings, more than we do right now.

He challenged us all to resonate on a higher frequency. He believed that everything we say or do, every day, can be an act of reverence to the source of our divine truth. Minimally, he encouraged ahimsa; nonviolence. Do no harm to self or others. That's where it all begins.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

La Triangle Sacrée

Jeanne la Pucelle
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This winter we are spending far more time in Paris than in Normandy. As most of you have heard by now, Europe has had the coldest, snowiest winter since the Ice Age. A 600 year-old, uninsulated house in the Basse Norman countryside won't cut it this year, not even for a little while. So, we're ensconced in our new little Paris flat in the 18eme until we see signs of spring.

We're in a lively part of the 18eme where the volume of a dozen different dialects is always up and the culinary wafts in the air are as much Southeast Asian spice merchant or North African cous-cous vendor, as they are French boulangere or fromager. While hectic and sometimes a bit trop aggressive, it is interesting and always tasty!

We're also in a zone I've coined the Sacred Triangle.

On one tip and across the tracks, is the Sacre Coeur. On another is the new Ganesha Temple. And on the third, closest to us, is La Basilique Ste Jeanne d’Arc/L’église St-Denys de la Chapelle. In between are several small, austere mosques, tucked into old Haussmann courtyards or behind cafes.

A sacred place, in its purest form, is where for centuries humans have flocked to connect to something larger than ourselves. We come looking for a connection to a community. Through ritual we offer our best intentions, request guidance, find a moment of peace, and give ourselves permission to safely let down the guard; to be vulnerable and humble. In these places we're allowed to quiet the noise so that for even just a moment, we can hear that tiny voice of truth that lies in the heart; that voice that reminds us to love well.

While the Sacre Coeur has a morally questionable history, it was constructed during an era when many of the French were clamoring for a spiritual renewal to help them heal from a long period of war and crippling poverty. It looms large and beckons far atop the butte Montmartre. Roman Catholics from all over the world climb those steps to make their pilgrimage. (As do millions of tourists looking for Amelie's gnome.) On one snowy morning in January 2003, at 6:30 am, on the way to the airport, this guy (while not remotely Catholic, just always inspired by an excellent view) paid a taxi driver to take us to the top, where he proposed as we gazed out over sparkly, snow-covered Paris!

The Ganesha Temple recently got an upgrade - from a crumbling Haussmann, to a shiny new storefront on rue de la Chappelle. The Temple honors this beloved Hindu diety; the half boy, half elephant son of Shiva, who fearlessly helps us moves the obstacles on our path to a more fulfilling and honorable life. Every August, this entire region of the 18eme, led by the Tamil Hindu community, participates in and celebrates the Ganesha Festival that I describe in more detail here.
Om gam ganapataye namaha!

La Basilique Ste Jeanne d’Arc/L’église St-Denys de la Chapelle, dating from 1204, is literally a few doors away from us. As the story goes, back when this region was still a tiny agricultural village and long before it had been annexed to Paris, Jeanne d'Arc retreated here after a bloody campaign in Paris. She was badly injured and in need of care and convalescence. The chapel and village offered a safe haven. Once she became canonized as a Patron Saint of France, this location gained in religious and spiritual importance. The interior of the chapel is full of prints, sculptures, and statues of Joan; the teenage girl who followed her inner voice - in a BIG way.

Despite its romance and beauty, Paris can be a pretty cold, lonely, and unforgiving place at times. As a yoga teacher and forever student, there's something auspicious, comforting, and humbling for me about landing in this sacred triangle amidst all of the raw, urban grit. Beyond the grime and density and noise, I feel layers of karmic insulation. I can only hope that through my conscious intentions and practice of abhyasa (always showing up to share my practice) and vairagya (non-attachment/unentitlement) my behavior, in just a small way, will only contribute to the sacredness of this place.

As I reflect on the heinous crimes recently committed in my country of origin, I'm reminded of a few fundamental things: one is never truly alone; suffering (dukha) and the ability to inflict it on others develops in mis-perceived isolation brought on by duality; and ultimately we are all seeking the same basic things.

"...We recognize our own mortality, and are reminded that in the fleeting time we have on this earth, what matters is not wealth, or status, or power, or fame - but rather, how well we have loved, and what small part we have played in bettering the lives of others." President Barack Obama, January 2011

Monday, January 10, 2011

2011 Bonnes Nouvelles!

Shiva Nataraja
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Voila! Le plan pour 2011...

Programme des cours collectives de 2011:
Mercredi : 18h - 19h Vinyasa Flow Tout Niveaux, YogaHum, Montmartre, 18eme * nouvelle classe ! * (les abonnements pour mes cours sont acceptés à ce studio aussi)
Vendredi : 18h30 - 20h "Slow Flow", Centre de Yoga du Marais, 3eme
Samedi : 12h30 - "Bhakti Flow", Centre de Yoga du Marais, 3eme
Dimanche : 27/02 & 10/04, 11h30 - 13h, cours bénévole avec donation facultatif, Centre de Yoga du Marais.
Tout donations seront remis à Families for Children, une agence sans but lucratif qui soigne plus de 600 enfants et adultes indigent et mentalement handicapé en Inde et au Bangladesh. L'organisation est entièrement soutenu par les bénévoles et chaque sous va directement aux orphelinats et leur écoles. (Des cartes de classe ne peuvent pas être utilisées pour les classes bénévoles)

Programme des cours particulières de 2011:
J'ai de la disponibilité pour le cours particuliers le lundi soir et mercredi et jeudi après-midi. Si vous voudriez approfondir n'importe quel aspect de votre pratique, commencer à établir une pratique à la maison, modifier votre pratique pour la grossesse ou les blessures, etc., svp contactez-moi. Les cours en faces à face peuvent mener votre pratique à un nouveau niveau !

Programme des ateliers 2011 et des seminaires:
Je continuerai à offrir les ateliers saisonniers et trimestriels chez YogaHum tout au long de 2011. Le prochains atelier, "Winter Hibernation and Restoration", auront lieu en janvier. Date exacte YTD.

J'offrirai au moins un - Retourner à la source (week-end): Yoga et Terroir retraite - en Normandie au printemps 2011.

J'offrirai un - Retourner à la source (semaine) : Yoga et Terroir - en Normandie en été 2011.

Pour finir, j'accompagnerai un groupe de yogis de Paris à San Francisco pour une séminaire - Retourner à la source : Yoga et Terroir - sur la Côte Pacifique des Etats-Unis en automne 2011. Faites-le moi savoir si vous êtes intéressé par quelconque d'entre ces séminaires. Dates exactes à determiner et légèrement basé sur l'intérêt.

Professeurs invité 2011:
Cette année, DogaYoga accueillera à Paris les professeurs seniors des USA et ailleurs qui offriront leur enseignement et connaissance. Les professeurs que j'amène ont profondément inspiré ma pratique et enseignement et sans eux, je ne vous connaîtrais pas ; -) Je suis béni pour être une partie de cette lignée. Les détails sont à venir et je vous les fournira AUSSITÔT QUE POSSIBLE.

2011 cartes de classe:
Toutes les cartes de classe sont disponibles pour l'achat maintenant et la panne comme suit :
Illimité (maintenant - juin) = €375 (cette carte vous donnes des remises sur des ateliers et les séminaires !)
Carte de 12 classes (expire le 1er mars) = €150
Carte de 6 classes (expire le 1er février) = €90
"Drop-in" classes = €17