Friday, May 18, 2012

Finding Your Center of Gravity ~ dimanche!

Center of Gravity
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Ah, arm balances. That pesky family of poses that elicits clenched jaws, gritting teeth, and red faces. The number of times I've heard, "I'm too weak in the arms for _____." (insert name of one or several arm balance poses) is equaled with the number of times I've responded with, "Arm strength is only about 25% of what you need to access _____."

Skillful and weightless arm balances require first finding your center of gravity. They require a deep connection to the core strength and the ability to access vital lines of energy in the body. They require the discipline to hug into the center, where the true strength resides, before elongating. They require a little fire in the belly. They require some faith. They definitely require a sense of humor. They do not require bigger biceps.

Join me at Paris Yoga (9 rue Magellan, metro - George V) on Sunday, 20 May, 10h30 - 12h45, for
Arm Balances: Finding Your Center of Gravity. We will begin with the basics, warm up good and sweaty, and gradually work our way into some of the fancy stuff.

(This is for all levels, except complete beginners. Please have taken at least five classes with me or another Hatha Vinyasa teacher prior to signing up. )

Come on an empty stomach and bring water.

Reservations required (workshops tend to fill up), so email Joelle at Paris Yoga: