Friday, July 3, 2009

Going Back to the Source

What do you get when you combine the bucolic Norman countryside; a haunted 400 yr old wheat grinding mill turned gite; perfect spring weather; local, seasonal, and exquisitely prepared cuisine; an activist sheep farmer; gluten-free bread bakers; biodynamic grape growers; the last independent producer of Camembert cheese; passionate cidre and Calvados makers; the flow on the mat in synch with the flow of the Mayenne River; the anniversary of the Allied Landing; silent yoga on the beach; Obama's podium; the Peace Memorial; daily Yama and Niyama study; a Burning Karma bonfire; mesmerizing sunsets; hundreds of years and layers of complicated history; 14 American yogis and a gaggle of cute farm animals?

Perfection. Bliss. Love.

Going Back to the Source:
Yoga and Terroir Normandy/Spring 09

Chantrigne, Mayenne