Monday, November 23, 2009

Going Back to the Source: Yoga and Terroir Normandy #2

The next GBS: Yoga and Terroir/Normandy retreat will be June 13 - June 20.

(We will incorporate a solstice celebration even though we're missing the solstice by a day. Come and experience what it's like to have 16 hrs of daylight!)

The retreat will be one extra day this year and will include farm-to-fork cooking classes with a track for carnivores and a track for vegetarians.

Thanks to Chetana Deorah, we have pretty postcards available at Satori Yoga Studio in San Francisco and Yoga Marais in Paris:

Registration begins January 2. I need to know nice and early this year if you're interested. We have 12 slots for yoga students, not counting significant others.
Send me an email for more info: amanda at

It's going to be so good. You don't want to miss it ;-)