Monday, January 24, 2011

Winter Hibernation Workshop - 6 February

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I will be offering the next quarterly, seasonal workshop "Winter Restoration and Renewal" on Sunday 6 February from 14h - 16h30h at YogaHum.

In the winter, our practice shifts to reflect the need to rest more, do less, and sustain the immune system. Unless you have rested in the winter, you will not be at full capacity to leap into spring. Restorative yoga is a deeply calming practice in which you are held in poses for a long while, by props, to reduce the amount of physical energy exerted. You are given permission to do nothing but breathe and let your body and mind surrender into complete stillness.

I will bring my brand new Tibetan singing bowls to deepen the experience. And, there will be post-savasana tea and chocolate!

Think of it as two+ hours of urban hibernation ;-)

Cost: €40
(If you have an unlimited class card with me, the workshop is only €20.)

Location: YogaHum, 36 rue des Saules, Metro - Lamark Caulaincourt
Contact: amanda(at)