Sunday, August 21, 2011

August, Paris, and Ganesha

Ganesha God
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August is my very favorite month in Paris.

In general, since I'm not a tourist anymore, I'm not an enormous fan of Paris and tend to prefer the French countryside all year 'round. However, in August she manages to endear herself to me and I'm momentarily seduced by her mythical beauty and romance. I fall in love all over again.

Traditionally, August is vacation month for the majority of Parisians. This means many shops, cafes, restaurants, markets, etc are closed. We all know how it us ~ while completely inconvenient for tourists, we residents who prefer to take our vacations earlier or later, profitons from the quieter, softer, slower pace of aout. We become that unique brand of tourists in our own town. Even if we're working (which we are) there's a spaciousness; a permission given to take care of business and then get out and enjoy the end of summer. We spend as much time outdoors as possible.

We take advantage of the free stuff and the special stuff: cinema plein air, jazz in the park, Canal Plage, etc. We visit museums on the off-hours. We know what's closed and what's open and happily adapt, so we don't spend our time being disappointed. We take the time to explore those remote corners and hidden passages all over the city; virtually unknown to your typical tourist, and places we have no time to visit during the rest of the year.

One of those little-known-to-tourists gems is the annual Ganesha Festival that is held in our neck of the woods in the 18eme. I describe the Ganesha Festival in more detail here (with photos): Ganesha Festival Paris.

To kick off the celebration this year, I am offering a free outdoor yoga class at 11 am on Sunday, 28 August, in the fun, funky, magical jardin partage EcoBox. (EcoBox is located just a few blocks from the metro Marx Dormoy, down rue de la Chappelle.) We'll gently and playfully explore the obstacles in our bodies and minds, preventing us from being acquainted with our best selves.

After the hour-long class we'll catch up with the Ganesha procession, surrounded by chaos and coconuts, and end up at the renowned Ganesha Temple where the temple community opens its doors to the public, offering vegetarian food and blessings to all!
The sights and sounds and smells and flavors are overwhelming. Think Nag Champa, jasmine flowers, coconut milk, mangoes, masala, Tamil Semmozhi drums, chants...penetrating all your senses!

So, if you'd like to have a few obstacles moved on your path and your life to flow more gracefully, join us next Sunday! I cannot think of a better way to usher out August and compassionately prepare for rentree.

Bring: yoga mat, water, and a big smile ;-)
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Om Ganapati OM!