Friday, September 2, 2011

Bon Renewal!

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Really? C'est vrai?
Summer is nearly over?

Oh my.

Well, that must mean everyone is back from vacation and wants to re-ignite their yoga practice!
Let's not think of this beautiful time of year as "re-entry", which to me suggests going back to the same ole grind. Let's think of it as renewal; starting over with a new and fresh perspective!

Behold my "renewal" schedule...

Public Classes:
Tuesday 20h - 21h, All Levels Vinyasa Flow, Paris Yoga
Wednesday 12h30 - 13h30, All Levels Vinyasa Flow, Paris Yoga
Wednesday 18h - 19h30, Level I/II Vinyasa Flow, YogaHum (3 class inscription required)
Friday 18h30 - 20h, Slow Flow, Centre de Yoga du Marais
Saturday 12h30 - 14h, Level I/II Bhakti Flow, Centre de Yoga du Marais

Pre-Registered Classes:

Monday (time YTD), All Levels Vinyasa Flow, American University Paris
Begins 26 Sept/open to students and faculty only
Contact Andy King for more details and registration ~ andy(at)

Tuesday 19h - 20h, Pre-Natal Yoga, Paris Yoga
Begins 20 Sept and lasts 12 weeks
Contact Joelle for registration ~ info(at)

Sunday 18 September, 10h - 12h, "What is Vinyasa Flow?", Paris Yoga
This Sunday morning workshop will break down the lineage and fundamentals of the beautiful "dance of yoga", Vinyasa Flow. Where did it come from? How is it different from traditional Ashtanga? Where does it guide us? What does it teach us?
Reservations required. Contact Joelle for registration ~ info(at)

Seasonal Workshop/ Explore the Mysteries of the Core
October (exact date YTD), Centre de Yoga du Marais

Autumn is the perfect time to explore the physical, emotional, and
energetic aspects of the region known as the core. We will learn how to
access the innate intelligence that lies in this region in order to stay strong,
balanced, and healthy during the colder, darker months.
The workshop is for all levels. However, it is important to know the basics of Vinyasa Flow, so please have taken at least five yoga classes either with me or another teacher prior to joining the workshop.
Cost: €45
(If you have an unlimited class card with me, the workshop will only cost €25)
Reservations required. Contact me for registration ~ amanda(at)

Free the Hips!
Sunday 6 November, Paris Yoga

This will be a deep hip opening workshop, exploring the six rotations of the hip joint. Releasing tightness in the hips relieves tension in the low back, improves balance, and gives an overall sense of lightness in the body. Energetically, this area corresponds with the first two chakras where we tend to store deep wounds from the past. Once released, it is possible to feel a sense of relief and profound spaciousness from where we pull greater compassion, creativity, and strength.
Bring a towel and water.
Reservations required. Contact Joelle for registration ~ info(at)

Pre-Holiday Workshop
Sunday 4 December, Paris Yoga

The end of the year holidays can be a source of great joy coupled with a lot of anxiety. End-of-year deadlines, over-consumption, over-spending, family obligations, colder weather, and travel challenges can lead to stress and illness. This workshop will focus on those poses and breathing techniques that can keep the nervous system regulated, boost the immune system, and encourage us to make sustainable choices in the flurry of this busy time of year.
Reservations required. Contact Joelle for registration ~ info(at)

Karma Yoga/Special Events (Free and Donation-Based Classes):

Rentree Yoga en Plein Air!
Thursday 15 September, Champs de Mars, 19h - 20h

This year, let the soft spaciousness of vacance carry you into rentree without stress or dread. Begin by joining me and Lole Women Paris for a yoga meet-up on 15 September, 19h - 20h, in the stunning Champs de Mars in the 17eme. Between la Tour Eiffel and the Mur Pour la Paix, we will gather on a gorgeous late summer night to flow ever so gracefully. Look for the yellow Lole flags.
The class is gratuit and mats will be provided.
Reservations required. Sign up via Facebook.

Healing the World, One Breath at a Time
Sunday 11 September, EcoBOX 18eme, 11 - 12h

In the safe and nurturing space, EcoBOX, we will come together on the 10th anniversary of the tragic events that occurred on 11 September, 2001. On that day our world was forever changed and the aftermath has been devastating. In the midst of war and retaliation, we must also find space for healing and forgiveness. Through movement and breath, we will focus on the yoga concept of Ahimsa, non-violence/non-harming. Beginning with ourselves, we will create the ripple effects of peace that can be carried into the rest of the world.
The class is gratuit. Bring a mat, water, and jacket.
Reservations required. Contact me ~ amanda(at)

Karma Yoga Community Class
Sunday 18 December, Centre de Yoga du Marais, 11h30 - 13h

I will be teaching a donation-based all levels flow class at Centre de Yoga du Marais, supporting Families for Children, a private, non-profit, non-sectarian agency that cares for over 600 destitute and mentally challenged children and adults in India and Bangladesh. This is a "kitchen counter" organization that is run entirely by volunteers and every penny goes straight to the orphanages and schools this agency has set up. The faculty at Centre de Yoga du Marais has been supporting this organization for several years, through Karma Yoga projects.
Suggested donation: 10€ - 50€
Reservations required. Contact me ~ amanda(at)

Travel Schedule:
I will be traveling back to California to host my annual fall retreat, Going Back to the Source: Yoga & Terroir Russian River Valley.
I will be gone from 27 September - 11 October and will have fabulous substitutes for all my public and pre-registered classes. Private sessions are canceled during this time.
In addition, I will be in Geneva, Switzerland 25 - 27 November, studying with master Dharma Mittra protege, Andrei Ram-Om, at Insens Studios. I will have substitutes covering my classes that weekend.

France Retreats 2012:

I am delighted to announce that I am partnering with one of my senior teachers, Jay Kumar, to co-host another Going Back to the Source: Yoga & Terroir Loire Valley at the gorgeous Moulin Bregeon, 27 May - 2 June. From the soil to the cellular level, Jay and I will be guiding you through a week-long experience that with your full participation, promises to be transformative. More details coming soon...

DogaYoga Public Class Cards:

All summer class cards have now expired and rentree cards are available for purchase.
6 class card = 96€ (€16/class, expires six weeks from purchase)
12 class card = 144€ (12€/class, expires eights from purchase)
Unlimited class card = 423€ (9€/class, expires 31 Dec)
Drop-in Classes = 18€

Class cards can be used for my classes at Centre de Yoga du Marais and YogaHum. DogaYoga class cards cannot be used at Paris Yoga.

Private Classes/Les Cours Particuliers
Due to having a very full schedule this fall, I will not be adding more private classes to my schedule until the new year. If you are interested in one time or on-going private sessions, whether in your home or at a yoga center, contact me and I would be delighted to make referrals.