Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Wring out the old...

Are you still carrying around residuals from 2011? Is 2011 still stuck in your gut, skin, head, or heart? Is there more putrefication than purification at the moment? Do you want to embrace 2012, but having a hard time getting kick-started?

If so, I'll see you Sunday, 29 January, 10h30 - 12h30 at Paris Yoga for:
"Wring out the Old and Ring in the New"
(the detox workshop that I've decided not to call a "detox" workshop!)

This will be two hours of dynamic and rich asanas and pranayama techniques for purification. We'll safely explore the poses designed to stimulate the digestive fires and eliminate toxins, as we breathe deep and release negative thoughts and feedback loops; cleaning our system physiologically and energetically from the outside in. This workshop is perfect for anyone feeling a bit sluggish, heavy, fatigued or lacking in vitality after the holiday season.
Bring water and a small towel and please come on a relatively empty stomach (refrain from eating 1.5 - 2 hrs in advance).
Email Joelle ~ ~ to sign up.

en francais:
Ce dimanche Amanda enseigne l'atelier Hatha Flow Yoga. L'atelier sera focalisé sur les postures et les respirations de purification. Nous allons explorer les postures qui stimulent le feu digestif et éliminent les toxines à l'aide d'une respiration profonde qui nettoie le corps de l'extérieur à l'intérieur. Accessible à tous niveaux, à part grands débutants. Venir avec l'estomac léger et apporter une bouteille d'eau et une petite serviette.
Dimanche 29 janvier 2012, 10h30 à 12h30, prix 40 €