Monday, February 20, 2012

Another Free-the-Hips Workshop ~ dimanche!

Back by popular demand, I will be teaching my winter version of the Free-the-Hips Workshop at Paris Yoga on Sunday, 26 February, 10h30 - 12h45. Get you and your cold, creaky, tight hips inside, on the mat for a dynamic workshop exploring all six rotations of les hanches glorieuses!

Releasing tightness in the hips relieves tension in the low back, improves balance, and gives an overall sense of lightness in the body. Energetically, this area corresponds with the first two chakras where we tend to store deep wounds from the past. Once released, it is possible to feel a sense of relief and profound spaciousness. You'll be surprised at how light and liberated you'll feel!

Bring a towel and water. All levels welcome.

Contact Joelle at Paris Yoga to register ~ info@parisyoga.come