Sunday, September 2, 2012

Belle Rentree a Tous!

I'm here. I'm alive. I'm breathing long and full and embracing each inhale and each exhale as the blessings they are, while letting illusion fall away like autumn leaves.

I dedicate this rentree to my Mom, the greatest woman who walked the earth.

I hope your summer provided open space, delicious tastes; a little bit of sun time and a whole lot of fun time!

Ready, Get Set, Go...


Public Classes ~

Tuesday, 19h30, All Levels Flow, Paris Yoga
Wednesday, 12h30, All Levels Flow, Paris Yoga
Wednesday, 19h, All Levels Flow, YogaYogaParis (New Class!)
Friday, 18h30, Slow Flow, Centre de Yoga du Marais
Saturday, 12h, Bhakti Flow, Centre de Yoga du Marais (Note the new, earlier time!)

Pre-Registered Classes ~

Tuesday, 18h30, Pre-Natal Yoga, Paris Yoga
The pre-natal session will run from 25 September - 11 December.
Contact for registration.

Workshops ~

I will be offering monthly workshops at both Paris Yoga and YogaYogaParis; all theme-based working with seasonal changes and other good ideas that come to mind ;-)
Join us one Sunday and/or Wednesday/month to get curious, get sweaty, and go deep.

Autumn Equinox Workshop
Saturday 23, September 10h30 - 12h30
Paris Yoga
Reservations required. Contact

All other workshop dates and times to be announced.

Private Classes ~

I am making changes to my private client teaching schedule this year. I am no longer teaching in-home private sessions. I will be teaching all on-going private and semi-private sessions in either Paris Yoga, YogaYogaParis, or Centre de Yoga du Marais. My private teaching schedule is filling up.
Here are the available time slots for on-going (multiple) private sessions:

- Tuesdays, 15h30 - 16h30, YogaYogaParis
- Wednesdays, 11h15 - 12h15, Paris Yoga

"One-off" sessions are possible at other times.
Contact me if you'd like to know more about how private sessions work.

Retreats ~

Who thinks Yoga & Terroir and Scuba in Zanzibar, during the spring 2013 holidays sounds like a good idea? It is manifesting, oh yes it is.

Hmm... 10 - 14 days of yoga, diving, eating, relaxing, soaking in the magical Indian Ocean and the vibrant Zanzibari culture AND you leave with a PADI certification.

Yeah, sounds pretty good.

My good friend and colleague, Pierre-Francois, documentary filmmaker/photographer/advanced dive instructor, and I have been talking about this for years. We're in the early stages of bringing this long-held vision into reality.

Contact me if you are interested.

Due to the events of the summer, I am NOT returning to California this year for my annual Yoga & Terroir autumn retreat and workshop.

Special Events ~

YOganesha! 2012
Join us at our urban garden, EcoBOX, on Sunday, 2 September at 11 am for a free yoga class to celebrate all things Ganesha and rentree!
Details are in the blog post. MATS REQUIRED.

"Happy Culture" at the Jardins du Ruisseau
I am delighted to have been asked to offer a yoga class (gratuit) for this awesome event celebrating urban agriculture, communal gardens, and biodiversity, occurring right here in Paris, on Saturday, 22 September at 15h.
The event takes place as Jardins du Ruisseau at 110 rue du Ruisseau, 18eme. Metro: Jules Joffrin.
Details are on the Facebook page.

Yoga Festival Paris 2012
On 19, 20, and 21 October, Paris will host its first *non-commercial* yoga festival, showcasing the cross-section of yoga now being offered in our beautiful city and the dynamic people who have fostered its growth. The event is sponsored by the independent journal, Sante Yoga, and is being held at the beautifully renovated CentQuatre in the 19eme. Ann Moradian and I will be participating in the event, eager to talk about our offerings, inspirations, and collaborations. More details to come!

Class Cards ~
Class cards purchased from me work at Centre de Yoga du Marais ONLY. YogaYoga Paris and Paris Yoga handle the class card system on behalf of my classes, at those centres.

As the high sun of summer begins to fall into the long shadows of autumn; as the leaves and the flowers begin to wilt and drop - fear not, dread not. This is just a change; a good and necessary change. So, let's flow with it, not resist it, and trust that all is well.