Thursday, September 20, 2012

Yoga Gratuit & La Fete du Jardins Partages a Paris

This Saturday, 22 September (the equinox), is the Paris-wide, (portes ouvertes) celebration of le jardin partager and urban agriculture and their vital contribution to this ultra-urban existence.

So, if you think Paris urban terroir is all cobblestone, concrete, bridges, Haussmann, and overly ornate parks ~ think again. There are reclaimed parking lots, railway beds, and other derelict spaces that for years have been thriving as community gardens, mini-farms, and vibrant gathering places for the young/old, rich/poor, artists/suits, yuppies/bohos, natives/immigrants... They have been cobbled together with few resources; donations, sweat, and unbridled creativity. They shine with eye popping colors, awe with Burning Man-scale sculptures, and buzz with high-frequency vibrations. We share seeds, tips, produce, stories, ideas, labor, meals, music, heartbreak, and laughter. These little pockets of love tucked in hidden corners all over (mostly northern) Paris are how many of us non-urbanites survive the less-than-forgiving intensity of our dear city of light and get back to the source.
Given that I dedicated 15 years of my professional life to all things SUSTAINABLE, URBAN, AND AGRICULTURE, my participation is pretty natural. It is an honor to have become the unofficial yoga teacher of the les jardins partages dans le 18eme!

I have been asked by my beautiful friend, Cyril, to contribute to the weekends' festivities by offering a *free* all levels yoga class en plein air in Jardin du Ruisseau for their "Happy Culture" fete at 16h, THIS SATURDAY.

Jardin du Ruisseau is located at 
Rue du ruisseau - Entrée sur le pont enjambant la voie ferrée à coté du n°110 750018 Paris. 
Metro 12 - Jules Joffrin. 

Join us and discover a Paris beyond the cliches ;-)

Tapis is required! None are available.